Rob Brandsma

Certified Teacher Training

Mindfulness and Self-Compassion

Do you want to become Mindfulness or Self-Compassion teacher?

Are you to become a mindfulness teacher or compassion teacher? I’d love to guide you! 
Over the past decades I have accompanied hundreds of people on their path to becoming a teacher. For me, it is fascinating to see that everyone – while growing in their skills to teacher during training – simultaneously is grows on a personal level as well. This phenomenon is called: learning by teaching. You don’t need to wait until you think you are ready, or perfect. As you are right now, you are already good enough. After all, you’re growing process always continuous.

Being a teacher offers you the opportunity to offer something to others. At the same time, teaching is giving yourself a tremendous gift. Because when mindfulness and compassion passes through you to others, you are doing and connecting with that which you love.

Giving mindfulness and compassion is a path of the heart. To grow in this just makes students happy. And I, in turn, enjoy that, as a teacher-trainer. So: be welcome. Just check one of the boxes below for more info.

The teachers training has given me so much more understanding, insight and skills. Mindfulness has simply sunk deeper into me.

A participant of the Mindfulness Teacher Training